This is the website of the proceedings of the 5th AGILE PhD School 2019. The event took place at the Department of Geography, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Tartu, Estonia.

See https://agile-online.org/agile-actions/phd-school for previous AGILE PhD Schools.


The whole submission workflow is aiming to demonstrate reproducibility guidelines and is based on R Markdown. See the proceedings repository for details. If you’re interested in reusing the workflow, please reach out to Daniel.

Articles of the proceedings

Author Title
Alexander Kmoch, Evelyn Uuemaa, Daniel Nüst 5th AGILE PhD School Proceedings Foreword
Bruno Montibeller Workflow for calculating landscape metrics and performing trend analysis on large-scale data
Daiga Paršova Assessing the Spatiotemporal Variability in Environmental Exposure
Ditsuhi Iskandaryan Study and prediction of air quality in smart cities through machine learning techniques
Ewa Grabska Key takeaways from AGILE PhD School 2019
Georgios Leventis Spatial ABM to model maritime connectivity in the pre-historic Eastern Mediterranean
Jakub Konicek Visual analytics in cognitive research
Jennie Gray Predictive Geodemographics
Marcin Szwagrzyk AGILE PhD School - Key Takeaways
Marketa Beitlova Comparison of map reading by teachers and students
Moris Zahtila AGILE PhD School Report: Key Takeaways
Najmeh Mozaffaree Pour Analysis and Visualisation of Urban Spatial Data
Radek Barvíř Developing metrics for graphic map load measurements based on raster formats
Sansar Raj Meena Automated landslide detection using deep learning approach a case study of Kodagu, Western Ghats
Yannis Paraskevopoulos Agile PhD School 2019

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